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New publication International Road Haulage and Freight Forwarding

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 International Road Haulage and Freight Forwarding

The publication focuses on complex elaboration of the researched fields. It includes theoretical framework together with practical knowledge and expertise by the team of authors. The team interconnects and interprets the data by theory and the publication fields together with their business application. Based on the theoretical framework and business expertise interface, the publication sets the foundation of activities by wide range of actors in the area of international road haulage and freight forwarding. The publication introduces the vocabulary and terminology to the readers by their clarification. It focuses on road haulage infrastructure, employed means of transport together with related technical, technological rules and law regulation. It analyses the determinants and factors of business activities in the road haulage market. The publication elaborates the intermodal and combined transport as well. It introduces the role of relevant international institutions and national interest groups. It provides the overview of international conventions in international road haulage. It deals with the bilateral agreements, entry permits or licences and multilateral conventions.