Research projects realised by Department of Logistics have been especially intended for state authorities and business for example:

  • Identification and development of logistic technologies based on intensification function of transport and also on their suitability to be  implemented in the Czech Republic. The leading researcher was prof. Ing. Svoboda, CSc. (DF ČVUT Praha), participation. SBP Praha. For MD ČR, multi-year project.
  • Intensification function of public logistic centres and their suitability  for implementation in the Czech Republic. Grant project sponsored by GA ČR.
  • New theory of Economy and Management of organizations and their adopting processes. Leading researcher was prof. Ing. Kislingerová, CSc. (KPE FPH VŠE in Prague), participation. VZ MŠMT ČR, multi-year project.
  • E – Business and e-Logistics and their application in current Czech corporate situation and preparedness of Czech companies for their implementation. Grant project sponsored by IGA VŠE in Prague.
  • Analysis of structures and also behaviour of supply chains in the transition to The New Economy. Grant project sponsored by IGA VŠE in Prague.
  • Analysis of new requirements expected from supply chains in the area of e-Commerce and also searching for ways how to fulfil them. Grant project sponsored by IGA VŠE in Prague.
  • Modelling of Supply Chain Alignment. Leading researchers from UNSW a UoW, Australia, participation.
  • Safe and economical transport. Participation on research. Project done for MD ČR.
  • Support of sustainable development in transport. Participation on research. Project done for
  • Road transport code. Research realized with the Czech association for transport law. Project done for MD ČR.
  • Effective methods of support for small and medium entities of culture  in the area of national and international economy. Leading researcher Prof. Petr Dostál, MA., Ph.D. Participation on research. Project done for the Ministry of Culture CR, NAKI.
  • Lean logistic system and methods of measuring its performances in conditions of the 2nd decade of 21. century in the processing industry. Grant project sponsored by IGA VŠE in Prague.
  • Impact of road infrastructure development on the quality of European container terminals and on the possibility of their further development. Grant project sponsored by IGA VŠE in Prague.

Topics of doctoral thesis defended in the Department of Logistics

  • Logistics in passenger transport
  • Logistics and intercultural management
  • Integrated approaches of logistics management as a part of strategic corporate management in the global economy
  • Distribution in food and beverage supply chains
  • Implementation of logistics including new findings of management and their application in construction business.
  • E-Logistics and Czech companies
  • Impact of change in distribution units on logistic processes and costs
  • City Logistics and simulation in City Logistics
  • Specifics in outsourcing of logistic services
  • Organisational-process Inefficiencies in Intermodal Tranport and their elimination in the Field of Maritime Shipping