The sudents of Lean six sigma course had a field-trip to Pilsner Brewery

by Marie Brejlová

In the Spring semester of 2023, the students of Lean Six Sigma course had the opportunity to participate in an excursion in the Pilsner Urquell Brewery. The excursionist took us around the whole brewery, traveling in a small, brewery’s local bus around the premises. The outside spaces of the brewery are historically significant, which the brewery knows and therefore, tries to cherish its outside spaces, to keep them authentic and beautiful.

Our excursion started in the Packaging Hall, where we got to see how they pack the beer into cans. Then we continued to a small interactive museum, to learn about the ingredients and the manufacturing process. What is unique about the Pilsner beer is the process of mixing barely with water, called „mashing“. In other breweries, the mashing process is done one time, and then the liquid is set for further adjusting. But in the Pilsner Urquell brewery, this process is repeated three times, which allows the beer to get its unique taste and quality.

At the end, we found ourselves underground the brewery, in its tunnels where the beer fermentates. There, we got to taste a sample of unpasteurized and unfiltered beer, which we all very much appreciated.

It is safe to say, everyone enjoyed the trip very much, including the professor Dr. Bedřich E. Rathouský, who accompanied us instead of our lecturer Dr. Felipe Martínez.

Enjoy several photos made by Dr. Rathousky: